Tuesday, January 29, 2013

33. (REViEW)


In Episode 2 of Season 2 of the show “Girls”, albeit the first time I've watched the show, I found highly likeable characters, all of whom seemed like aspects of myself and those around me, and not always the good parts. The mood is bitter-sweet and cynical in a university-student setting and lifestyle.
The characters, although rather different at first glance, all share several of the same quirks, outlooks and social awkwardness. This can be explained by the show's being created by a single mind, that of Lena Dunham. The flip-side to that coin, still, is the show's ability to draw you in and truly absorb its mood and worldview. The mood is one of scepticism, particularly in regards to growing up, careers and healthy relationships. When a character isn't failing at one aspect of their lives, it is because they are failing at several of them. Though such a pejorative worldview provides temporary laughter, it would be refreshing to see some of these people find joy and success as well, if only for the sake of realism.
The show takes place in believable and often familiar settings, such as parks, student apartments and a rich older husband's loft with a view of Manhattan. The setting is quite credible and helps suspend the viewer's disbelief, as well as add to the series' gloomy mood.
Though I very much enjoyed watching this episode, I cannot see myself watching very much more of this series, if only because of the residual self-loathing it leaves me with. This is a TV show which is very comedic and has a very credible, albeit cynical, opinion of the world. I guess I would simply rather create a more optimistic reality for myself in my head.

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